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PowerMon Compact

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  • analyzer-powermon-compact
  • analyzer-powermon-compact-analyzer-plate
Product Type:

on-line analyzer

PowerMon Compact - On-line Measuring Instrument
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In process water and environmental monitoring higher energy costs and regulatory requirements make continuous quality controls essential. On-line measurements are necessary to identify immediately if limits are exceeded. In the process control, our analytical equipment guarantees a reliable control, ensure consistent product quality, and contribute to the safety and efficiency.

  • High accuracy and repeatability

  • Long product life

  • Short response time

  • Low reagent need

  • Little space requirement

  • Portable type as option

  • Optional 2nd sample line

  • Surface water control in rivers and lakes

  • Ground water control

  • Swimming pool quality control

  • Water treatment plant control

  • Sewage plant control

  • Industrial water control
    (e.g. cooling water, boiler feed water)